Valerija Udalova

Valerija Viktorovna Udalova became Director-General of KrioRus company from June, 2009, after D.M.Medvedev who is presently –°hairman of the Board of directors and performs strategic leadership of the company. Co-founder of the KrioRus JSC. In 1984 V.V.Udalova graduated from the Moscow physics and technical institute, specializing in physics. She is an expert in cryonics, sociologist, futurist, author of many articles on science popularization under the nom deplume Valerija Pride. As guidance counselor V.Udalova participates in the scientific project, the Human Aging System Diagram (HASD) . In 2008 she cryopreserved her mother as well as her dog Alice, the first dog ever cryonized in Russia.

She is a co-founder and member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement.
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