Jaime Lagunez, PhD


Jaime Lagunez is a scientist and activist included by Marquis’ of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in the World, he has been given expressed support for his work by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society and the American Physics Society. With the aid of the mini-blog of the Frente Civico he has promotes vigorously the need to implement regenerative agriculture methods that can sequester terribly damaging CO2 from the atmosphere. On the 89 trillion USD, also dedicated to this problem, he has stated that it should be invested in more than that:  Currently the costs from environmental damage in lives, diseases and financial resources, calculated to be in hundreds of trillions of euros, are unacceptable. His proposal among other statements mentions that indeed, the ways of indigenous peoples are much more in tune with the environment should be incorporated in the project. Furthermore the need for infrastructure to deal with droughts and flooding are already a reality.

He has been scientific director of the Instituto de Criónica,

As mentioned above, scientific organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) the American Chemical Society, and the commission on human rights of the American Physics Society (APS), have expressed support, both for his social actions and scientific projects.

Currently he is advisor to National Institute of Health of Mexico and part of the board of directors of the National Prevention Science Coalition using evidence based scientific criteria to change social policy. He has also proposed a drug cocktail to stop cardiovascular endothelial cell senescence as part of the strategy of improving the health of the tissue during aging.

Jaime Lagunez es un científico incluido por Marquis Who’s Who en Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.  Su trabajo, en lo relativo a acciones sociales y proyectos científicos, es respaldado por la American Associattion for the Advancement of Science, la American Chemical Society y la American Physics Society. Con la ayuda del mini blog de Frente Cívico ha promovido la necesidad de aplicar métodos de agricultura regenerativa, lo que permitiría atrapar el dañino CO2 de la atmósfera.

Ha sido director científico del Instituto de Criónica y actualmente  asesor del Instituto Nacional de Salud de México y  parte de la plantilla de directores la Coalición Nacional de Ciencia Preventiva empleando el criterio científico para cambiar la política social. También propuso un cóctel medicinal para frenar la vejez de las células endoteliales cardiovasculares como parte de una estrategia de mejora de la salud de los tejidos durante el envejecimiento.