Dr. Michael Johannes Hübler

Dr.  Michael Johannes Hüble currently holds the following positions:

Professor for pediatric cardiac surgery   – University of Zürich, Switzerland

Director Children’s Heart Center Zürich  –  University Children’s Hospital Zürich, Switzerland

Chief of the Department for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery  –  University Children’s Hospital Zürich, Switzerland

Consultant Cardiac Surgeon – GUCH Surgery  University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland

Co-Director Zurich Heart Project –  University Zürich and Eidgenössische Technische  Hochschule ETH Zúrich

His Scientific focus is on:

Ventricular assist device therapy and heart transplantation in children Tissue engineering of heart valves – Animal experimentation for newly designed tissue engineered heart valves – in men implantation of tissue engineered vascular grafts Fontan assist research project funded by UZH Foundation in cooperation with Zurich Heart Project MRI compatible cardiopulmonary perfusion system to evaluate cerebral perfusion and neuroprotective strategies for aortic arch procedures in a neonatel pig modell – Cooperation with ETH Zurich Comparison of human genomic disorders in HLHS patients to their equivalents in an animal modell (cebra fish)  – Cooperation with University Zurich Life science (Prof Mosimann)
Transfusion free cardiac surgery in neonates and children  Minimal access pediatric cardiac surgery- hybrid surgery Fontan circulation – MRI-computational guided individualized design – Fontan mechanical assistance


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