(Español) Juan Carlos Chachques, MD, PhD

After cardiac surgery training in France he developed Cardiac Bioassist procedures (cardiomyoplasty,
aortomyoplasty, electrostimulated cellular CMP, cardiopatch, bioartificial myocardium).
Honors: Chevalier French Order Legion of Honor, Prizes: French Academy Surgery, French Academy
Sciences, French Academy Medicine, Life Member NY Academy Sciences, and Doctor Honoris Causa
(Universities of Rosario and Buenos Aires-Moron, Argentine), Member European Academy of
Founder and president of the Cardiac Bioassist Association, he is developing the MAGNUM Clinical
Trial: Myocardial Assistance by Grafting a New Upgraded bioartificial Myocardium. He was the French
partner of the European FP7 Project RECATABI (
Regeneration of Cardiac Tissue Assisted by
Bioactive Implants).
– Current Position: Cardiovascular Surgeon, Director of the Cardiac Bioassist Research Unit, Member
of the Research Ethics Committee, University Paris Descartes, France.
– Experience: Specialist in Heart Failure, Cardiomyoplasty, Stem Cell Therapy, Bioartificial Organs.
– Affiliation: Laboratory of Biosurgical Research and Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Pompidou
Hospital, University of Paris, France.
12 European and USA Patents.
List of 144 Publications available at:
Research Interest Keywords:
Cardiac Surgery. Cardiology. Heart Failure. Myocardial infarction. Ischemic cardiomyopathy. Dilated
cardiomyopathy. Ventricular remodeling. Cardiac bioassist. Cardiomyoplasty. Myocardial regeneration.
Stem cell therapy. Tissue engineering. Biohybrid scaffolds. Bioartificial myocardium.