David Gifford

Training in Medical physics and Physiological Measurements and Clinical Perfusion Science since 1979. Founding partner of Cambridge Perfusion Services  LLP 1987-2014. Current positions: development and training perfusion consultant for Teleflex Medical (IABP) and Cambridge University Hospitals, United Kingdom.
 Conducted experimental perfusion of dogs, pigs and monkeys.
 Oxygenator and de-oxygenator test rig design.
 Isolated organ perfusion circuits, including OrganOx.
Xenon gas membrane viability
Clinical perfusion experience in UK, Switzerland and Middle East.
Hypothermic arrest for major vessel repair and PTE 
“In-situ organ perfusion for donation following circulatory death” has prompted thoughts that these developing techniques may have value for the cryonic suspension patient.
Past committee member for Society Clinical Perfusion Scientist GB & Ireland
1st Author Publications include:
– Balloon Counterpulsation with Biomedicus closed pump ECMO for ventricular Assist
– Support Perfusion for Liver Transplantation.
– Perfusion chapters for “Core Topics in Cardiac Anaesthesia” 2002
Made Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society 1986